CNN Panel Explains The Real Reason Trump Continues To Attack The Media (VIDEO)

Why exactly does President Trump feel the need to continually attack the news media? Is it because they refuse to adore him and shower him with praise? Or could there be another, more personal reason that motivates the president? A CNN panel examined that very question Thursday evening, with New York Times columnist Charles Blow […]

Doltish Conway: Media Covering Trump Tweets Proves ‘They Are Trying To Interfere With POTUS’

If you were waiting for the most ridiculous excuse for President Trump’s tweets hinting at violence against the news media, it arrived in the form of good ol’ Kellyanne “Cryptkeeper” Conway Monday morning during an appearance on Fox & Friends, who predictably said that all of the fault lies with the media. Asked about the tweet […]

WATCH The ‘Fox & Friends’ Gang Say Of Roger Ailes, ‘He Saved This Country By Starting’ Fox News

Well, apparently we had a new savior among us and didn’t realize it until it was too late. According to the eternally brainless simpletons at the Fox News morning show Fox & Friends, the death of former Fox News chairman Roger Ailes at the age of 77 is a great tragedy and a huge loss […]

MSNBC Host: Trump Is ‘Pure Evil’ And ‘This Country Cannot Survive With A Failure At The Top’ (VIDEO)

With the 100th day of the Trump administration now just 72 hours away, many of us are taking a long look at the damage which has already been done by this deeply unhinged man who offers little more than empty promises, continual lies, and the threat of destroying the very foundations of this great republic. […]

Flashback: The Time Al Franken WIPED THE FLOOR With Bill O’Reilly (VIDEO)

Before he was a U.S. Senator from Minnesota, Al Franken was also a best-selling author, with his most well-known book being Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right. One of the subjects of that book was disgraced former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, who Franken faced off against […]

Rachel Maddow’s Reporting On The Trump-Russia Scandal Has Fox News Very Nervous

For years, Fox News has proudly bragged that when it comes to cable news, they own the prime time hours between 8 and 11 p.m. Their schedule of Bill O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly (who recently left for NBC News), Sean Hannity consistently won the evening ratings war, and the ad revenue flowed into Rupert Murdoch’s pockets. […]

WATCH Kellyanne Conway Snap At A Reporter For Saying Trump Dislikes A New York Times Writer

Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway has been conspicuously absent from the cable news shows over the past couple of months, perhaps because she became known as being almost as big of a blatant liar as her boss, the alleged president. But on Tuesday, at an event at the Newseum, Conway was being interviewed by Michael Isikoff when […]

LA Times Condemns Trump With Scathing Editorial: ‘Nothing Prepared Us…For This Train Wreck’

There almost aren’t enough words in the English language to adequately describe what a complete disaster Donald Trump has already proven to be as president. Language itself has even come under attack by this demented man with his constant charges of things being “fake news” or one of his chief advisers referring to lies as […]

Jake Tapper Says Of Trump: ‘I’ve Never Really Seen This Level Of Falsehood’ (VIDEO)

Turns out lots of folks have had it up to here with the continual lies pouring forth from the piehole of our illegitimate president. Appearing on Real Time on Friday evening, CNN host Jake Tapper told Bill Maher the constant misrepresentations and outright falsehoods are unprecedented for a president: “I’ve never really seen this level […]

MSNBC Reporter SHUTS DOWN Press Secretary Sean Spicer With One Simple Question (VIDEO)

In case you hadn’t heard, the big scandal our moronic and illegitimate president wants us to focus on for the next few months is that he was wiretapped at Trump Tower by President Obama. He has no proof of this paranoid delusion, mind you. We’re just supposed to take the word of a pathological liar. […]