Neurologist Says Trump’s ‘Forward-Leaning Posture’ Suggests He Has Brain Disease

You’ve probably noticed that Donald Trump doesn’t stand or move the way normal people do. Instead, he appears to lean forward in a very odd way that some have called “standing like a centaur without the hind legs.” If you doubt that, take a look at this: It hurts my back just looking at him. […]

New Health Concerns Arise After Trump Is Unable To Correctly Pronounce ‘Iowa’

Donald Trump loves to make fun of others, especially when it comes to their mental or physical health. For example, remember the time he mocked New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski, who has a physical disability? Here’s the video: Thing is, with Trump, his every attack is pure projection. He tries to call someone “low […]

WATCH: Trump Has To Board Air Force One Via Cargo Hold Instead Of Normal Stairs

Now that he’s supposedly “cured” and “immune” from getting COVID-19 again, President Donald Trump is back to his mass rallies, the first of which he held Monday in Florida. But as Crooks and Liars observed, the president didn’t board Air Force One for his voyage to the Sunshine State via the usual stairway route to […]

Trump Gets Supremely Mocked After Announcing He’ll Have A ‘Medical Exam’ Live On Fox News

Later this evening on Fox News, the so-called president of the United States, Donald Trump, will get what’s being billed as a “medical exam” during Tucker Carlson’s show, Business Insider reports: “President Donald Trump will appear in an on-camera interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Friday, the network announced. “Fox News said its resident […]

Paranoid Trump Made Doctors At Walter Reed Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements

Donald Trump is very sick, and coronavirus isn’t the only reason. For any doubters, consider that when the president mysteriously showed up at Walter Reed National Medical Center last November, he insisted that some of the doctors who treated him sign non-disclosure agreements, according to NBC News: “During a surprise trip to Walter Reed on […]

Oddly Edited Video Of Trump Gives Rise To Theories His Illness Is Much Worse Than Suspected

The White House is in full spin mode, trying desperately to assure Americans that while President Donald Trump remains at Walter Reed Medical Center, he’s doing much better and continuing to perform his duties as leader of the free world. But the “evidence” the administration is providing to bolster their case that all is well […]

Disturbing Video Of Trump Provides Hints That He May Be Suffering From Advanced Dementia

A few months ago, as Minneapolis and other major U.S. cities were embroiled in massive protests over the murder of George Floyd by police officers, Donald Trump and his White House entourage flew to Cape Canaveral for the liftoff of a SpaceX rocket. The rocket reached orbit without any problems and later docked at the […]

Noted Doctor Says He Firmly Believes Donald Trump Has Indeed Suffered ‘Multiple Small Strokes’

It’s been clear for quite some time now that Donald Trump is not in good health. Whether it’s his frequent inability to pronounce the simplest words, his sweating like a pig, or his constant sniffing while speaking, watching Trump for a few minutes gives you the distinct impression that he’s not exactly a specimen of […]

Just Released Video Of Trump Dragging His Leg Raises New Questions About His Health

Given everything that’s going on in the nation and world these days, you can certainly be forgiven if you didn’t know that Donald Trump visited a laboratory in North Carolina on Tuesday that is doing research on a possible vaccine for the novel coronavirus. However, the president did indeed visit the lab, and some footage […]

Respected Neurologist: Trump’s Odd Way Of Walking Is Evidence Of A ‘Degenerative Brain Problem’

During the 2016 election, you probably recall, Donald Trump, his campaign, and its surrogates repeatedly tried to imply that Hillary Clinton was hiding things about her health. They insinuated Clinton wasn’t well and had some unspecified disease or mental impairment that would prevent her from being an effective head of state. Now it’s 2020, and […]