WATCH CNN’s Kirsten Powers SHUT DOWN A Former Trump Aide For Calling Kamala Harris ‘Hysterical’

You’ve probably seen Jason Miller, a former campaign aide to President Trump, on cable news shows over the past few months. He’s such a partisan that he’d probably defend the president if he’d been caught stealing teddy bears from babies. But Miller got his head handed to him on CNN Tuesday night when he accused California […]

WATCH: This Ad Should Pretty Much Destroy Trump’s Chances With Female Voters

A man who taught me much of what I know about political consulting and campaign advertising once gave me some advice that I consider to be the gold standard of the trade: “If you want to destroy another candidate, just use their own words against them.” That’s exactly what the conservative Our Principles PAC has […]

Role Reversal: Women Tell GOP Candidates What To Do With Their Bodies (Video)

Seems that Republican men–especially those who seek or achieve political office–are forever wanting to tell women what they should do with their bodies and reproductive choices. A look at this year’s crop of contenders for the White House on the GOP side is proof positive of this phenomenon.So what would happen if the roles were […]

First Lady Michelle Obama’s Inspirational Message To Young Muslim Women

First Lady Michelle Obama recently spoke to a group of young Muslim women at the Mulberry School for Girls in East London as part of her Let Girls Learn initiative. The goal of the program is to make sure women around the world have the chance to attend school. The First Lady, in an uplifting […]

Indiana Woman Faces 70 Years In Prison For Miscarriage

Sometime today in an Indiana court, a 33-year-old woman will find out if she faces up to 70 years in prison. Her crime? She had a miscarriage and then went to a hospital because she was experiencing heavy bleeding. Purvi Patel’s saga of heartbreak and legal jeopardy began in 2013 when she went to an […]