Ted Cruz Just Lied About His Tithing…To A Christian Journalist! (Video)

Ted Cruz just loves to talk about religion. He seems to think that faith should inform every single decision we make in the public and political sphere, but his hypocrisy pretty much proves that he’s just an opportunist who will say or do anything for a vote or a buck.

The latest example of Brother Cruz’s craven indifference to the truth just so happened to take place while Teddy Boy was being interviewed by a reporter from the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN.) David Brody asked Cruz to address the matter of a recent article in which it was revealed that Cruz wasn’t faithful in his tithing, which is generally considered to be giving ten percent of a person’s earnings to the church that person belongs to. Cruz tried to make out like he had not done that when first married because he didn’t have much money to support his family with, further telling Brody:

“That article focuses on ten years ago. We don’t have the ability to go back and change what occurred ten years ago when Heidi and I were newly married and we’d just started a family. But at the end of the day, being a Christian is not about holding yourself out as righteous. It’s about beginning with the understanding that we are flawed sinners and we are saved not by deeds but by Christ’s redemption. I am grateful that God is a patient and forgiving God and this area, as in many areas of my life I am working to do a better job walking in my faith.”

Sounds good, and who among us hasn’t been financially strapped at some point in our lives. But there is one tiny problem with Cruz’s assertion of poverty. As was uncovered by Mediaite:

“The story he references, first of all, doesn’t focus on ‘ten years ago,’ it covers Ted’s tax returns for a five-year period that ended five years ago. From 2006 to 2010, Ted Cruz made $5,064,248.00 and gave $44,000.00 to charity. That’s 0.86% of his income, or about 8.6% of a tithe. In 2006, when Cruz made ‘only’ $350 grand, he and Heidi weren’t newly married, they’d been married for five years, and they weren’t ‘starting a family,’ they didn’t have kids until 2008.”

So you see, Teddy Boy Cruz is just a big fat stinking liar. He will lie to anyone, even a fellow member of the faith, as it were. And if he’ll lie about his “dedication” to his God, then is there anything he won’t lie about?

Here’s the interview with CBN where Cruz turns into Pinocchio:

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