That $6 Million Trump Raised For Veterans? Lots Of Groups Are Still Waiting For The Money

Donald Trump just loves to talk about how much respect and love he has for veterans and wounded warriors, even going so far as to hold a special benefit for them instead of attending a GOP debate merely because he was afraid to face Fox News host Megyn Kelly, whom he seems to have a deep-seated phobia of.

You remember that benefit, don’t you? If not, allow me to refresh your memory:

If you’re like me, you probably clicked off that video after less than five seconds because you became nauseous. Personally, I may not eat for days after just seeing a few seconds of it. But take some deep breaths and stay with me.

Trump said he raised over $6 million for vets with his counter-debate soiree, and that’s fantastic, no matter what party you may belong to or what you happen to think about the man with the dead hamster sitting atop his head.

But there is one little itty bitty problem with Trump’s plans to pour out cash on the people who have so bravely served our country: He isn’t coming off the money.

While one nonprofit said it had received a check from the Donald J. Trump Foundation immediately after the event, most of the groups Trump promised to send money to said they hadn’t heard from the Trump foundation about payment for weeks, and a philanthropy expert described that as “uncommon.”

One other group said they finally got a check from Trump’s foundation, but only after the Wall Street Journal ran a story on how groups were waiting to get their money.

How does the Trump machine respond to these legitimate criticisms? Earlier this week Trump remarked that “a lot of the money was sent” and that any criticisms were completely out of place because, he maintained:

“Out of the goodness of my heart, I raised millions of dollars for the vets.”

Maybe, but if you sit on the cash and don’t disperse it as promised, Donald, it kinda makes what you did a very hollow gesture. Almost as hollow as the space in your chest where a heart should reside.

See, the purpose of the event for veterans wasn’t to help the vets. No. It was to make it appear that Donald Trump is a generous person even though we all know better.

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