The List Of Republicans Mueller Plans To Bring Charges Against Is Staggering: DETAILS

The Russia investigation is getting closer to the Oval Office with each day, and Donald Trump is incredibly worried.

But while most of the headlines involve Trump, his family, and members of the 2016 Trump for president campaign, plenty of other Republicans in Washington are also very nervous that their names might be on one of the federal indictments that have yet to be unsealed.

Let’s take a minute and go down the list of who has already been indicted or agreed to plead guilty as part of the investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller:

  • Former campaign chairman Paul Manafort
  • Manafort’s chief deputy and business partner, Rick Gates
  • Foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos
  • Disgraced former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn
  • California businessman Richard Pinedo
  • Dutch lawyer Alex van der Zwaan
  • 13 Russian nationals and Russian companies
  • 12 members of the Russian intelligence agency known as the GRU.
  • Donald Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen.

While this is an impressive list, there are many names missing from it, including Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, and the president himself.

But what about others in the GOP who knew about the conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia but said nothing to federal investigators? Aren’t they also part of the larger criminal conspiracy and therefore culpable? Yes, they are, and in some cases, they’re among the most powerful politicians in the United States.

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan: Why is Ryan so eager to provide cover for Trump after saying when the Access Hollywood tape came out that he could no longer support Trump?

California GOP Congressman Devin Nunes: Nunes has been eager and willing to protect the White House with lies and by sabotaging the investigation conducted by the House Intelligence Committee he chairs.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: A Super PAC controlled by McConnell took at least $2.5 million from a pro-Putin businessman in Ukraine.

Former Utah GOP Congressman Jason Chaffetz: Chaffetz beat a hasty retreat out of Washington and quickly took a gig at Fox News, acting as if he’d just been caught with a dead body in the trunk of his car. Turns out he may also have connections to Russia.

In the months ahead, don’t be surprised when new indictments are unsealed with these four names — and others — on them, or listing them as unindicted co-conspirators.

There’s a tremendous cloud hanging over the Republican party, and it emanates from Moscow. Expect Robert Mueller to flush out all the GOP rats and make them pay for their crimes.

20 thoughts on “The List Of Republicans Mueller Plans To Bring Charges Against Is Staggering: DETAILS

  1. While Trump and his henchmen veiled miss directions further denigrate our civil liberties while lowering our nations basic principles possibly beyond recovery.

    • Following closely with the fervent hope most of the GOP will be gone…ONCE & FOREVER. ONLY THEN CAN we begin to restore the country. Hard work ahead

    • many observed when GOP brought a foreign country (Israel ) to Congress to speak on Obama’s foreign policy that alone would kill the GOP

      • I understand that it takes time to put all your ducks in a row to take these criminals down, but if Mueller can charge Ryan, McConnell and Nunes now, wouldn’t that stop a lot of the destruction that they are doing to America.? I hope and pray Sessions is on this list as well.

  2. I do not want the GOP to just loose their jobs, I want all who helped cover this President up in Jail! We need to set an example so no politician ever ignores the Oath of office they took!

    • they can not get the death sentence because their treason was not in war time. But life in prison would be so sweet, and much longer for them, death would be over way to fast for them, I want them to suffer say for about 75 years each.

  3. Thank god, and Muller….wasn’t sure anyone was paying attention to the conspirators in Congress.. they must be held accountable even more so than Donald trump. He has an excuse, he’s insane, they are just greedy. Put them where they all belong, in the history books, and consider this …a lesson. Do your homework before you vote.

  4. I want to see all involved loose there retirement income and do jail time,this is very serious.

  5. It has become increasingly clear that the Republican Party had degenerated into a treasonous criminal enterprise whose primary goal is to destroy American democracy and decency for the sole purpose of taking total control. They use pseudo religion to entrap weak minds and twist them into believing that their lies and corruption are figments of the liberal imagination, or worse, that they are manifestations of some widespread conspiracy among all of the US intelligence community, the Justice Department, the media, and a significant number of intelligence agencies of our allies. Words of warning: They have until November to solidify their position. Between now and then, expect them to employ extreme measures to insure their stranglehold on the American people.

  6. I think we should have public hanging for all of them to show we will not tolerate this in our country

  7. From news reports today, I am convinced that Putin OWNS Trump. Trump is signaling he intends to switch sides in Syria and essentially give it to Russia. Trump is selling out this country for personal reasons plus personal profit.

  8. The unpresident: Unprecidented, unpresidential, unethical, unempathetic, uneducated, unamerican, undeniable moron.

  9. This president is just a tip of the iceberg that he had planned for this country. He has planned with other countries to overthrow the USA. Africa, And the shithole countries he was talking about. Destroy the economy, the water, the air and act like he is supporting Israel. He planned this with the tax cuts and Russia and Congress, Saudi Arabia. Israel, South America. Big Banks. And it is so big, that most can’t see the Big picture. But it did not just start in 2016. It started way back 2012 or 2013 when the Republicans brought Netanyahu to address the Republican party on our affairs. This is why they blame Obama for everything they do. They plan to destroy everything in this country. People included if your not rich or corporate.

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