The State Of Texas Just Gave A Big Middle Finger To Donald Trump

Immediately after Hurricane Harvey began hitting the state of Texas last Friday, Mexico graciously offered whatever “help and cooperation” they could offer for the Lone Star State during the crisis. Oddly, the Trump administration never said whether or not they would accept Mexico’s offer. It led many to wonder if this was yet another of Trump’s immature taunts aimed at our Mexican allies.

However, Texas isn’t waiting for Trump to make a move. GOP Governor Greg Abbott has formally accepted assistance from Mexico, even going so far as to assure the Mexican government that undocumented immigrants will not be harassed by the Trump deportation force.

According to Governing Magazine:

“To unauthorized immigrants seeking shelter from Harvey’s devastation, [Mexico’s undersecretary for North American relations Carlos Sada] said: ‘Don’t be afraid to come out. There is no deportation operation underway. We have the assurance of Gov. Abbott and the mayor of Houston.’

“Mexico’s offer of help comes at a crucial and tense time for the U.S.-Mexican relations, which in many ways is largely shaped by Texas. “‘Texas and Mexico share more than half the border,’” Sada said. “‘There are families, marriages, businesses that bind our two sides. This is about being good neighbors.’”

See, that’s how you’re supposed to treat your neighbors.

This isn’t the first time Mexico has helped Americans at a time of national disaster. In 2005, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the Mexican government sent 200 troops and 45 military vehicles to Texas. Their efforts aided in the distribution of more than 184,000 tons of supplies, as well as hundreds of medical consultations, and a reported 170,000 prepared meals.

As the people of Texas struggle to deal with the largest amount of rainfall ever recorded in the continental United States, it would be nice if we could all put our minor differences aside and help our fellow human beings in their time of need. But the Trump administration would rather play childish games. Yet another reason this Idiot-in-Chief needs to go ASAP.

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