They Came To Praise Roy Moore – They Buried Him (VIDEO)

On Friday afternoon, a couple of dozen women showed up at the Alabama State Capitol to testify to the good character of GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore, who has been accused of sexually molesting a 14-year-old girl and attempting to rape another girl who was age 16 at the time.

The rally began with Moore’s wife, Kayla (who happens to be decades younger than him) making a stupid joke about how Donald Trump owed her husband a thank you:

“I personally think he owes us a thank you. Haven’t you noticed we aren’t hearing that much about Russia?”

And then a pathetic attempt at a women’s rally turned into nothing more than diversionary tactics filled with agitprop lines meant to stir up resentment and fear. Mrs. Moore commented:

“[The media] is down here trying to distract the attention from our opponent, who is ultra-liberal, who was an Obama delegate, who is for full-term abortions, who is for more gun restrictions, who is for transgender bathrooms, who is for transgender in the military, is against everything we in Alabama believe.”

That entire sentence could just as easily been uttered by former Alabama Governor George Wallace with a few modifications to account for the times in which it was spoken. All you have to do is substitute the N-word in place of “transgender.”

Then the women moved on to shaming the victims of their perverted savior. Martha Shiber hurled this venom at the 14-year-old who said Moore molested her:

“She didn’t say anything to her mother about it ― why didn’t she tell her mom? Why didn’t the mother say anything about it? Roy has a beautiful wife! Why would he want to fool with some ugly-looking woman? She needs a sign over her head asking to pay for somebody to be with her.”

They showed up to defend the character of Roy Moore, but all they did was pull themselves down into the fetid pit of hatred, ignorance, and evil that Moore has inhabited for decades. With apologies to Shakespeare, They came to praise Roy Moore, but all they did was bury him even deeper.

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