This Interactive ‘Trump Hate Map’ Shows Just How Dangerous He Is

Donald Trump is a very dangerous man. Some on the right wing may try to deny this, pretending that he isn’t saying people should go out and commit violence against Hispanics or Muslims, but they’re as full of crap as the Donald himself.

Now, thanks to the group America’s Voice, we have a fully interactive “Trump Hate Map” which clearly tracks where Trump, his staff,  or his supporters have assaulted or harassed people they seek to vilify, namely Hispanics and immigrants.

America’s Voice says on their website:

“We’ve seen the proof over the past few weeks. Trump’s xenophobic rhetoric hasn’t just pushed his fellow candidates to the right on immigration. It’s gone beyond the political world and injected itself into everyday life.”

Here is the Trump Hate Map. Look closely at it and share it with others. It’s more important than ever that this information be in the hands of every voter in this country:

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