This New Texas GOP Chairman Has A Bizarre, X-Rated Twitter Feed You MUST SEE!

Just when you thought Texas could not possibly get any stranger, anymore batshit crazy, the new chairman of Travis County, Texas (Austin) GOP comes along and rewrites all the rules when it comes to downright bizarre stuff.

While we may like to think that people in such positions are expected to be upright, decent human beings who aspire to bettering their community and state, Robert Morrow, the GOP chair in question, is quite clearly a few cans short of a six-pack. Don’t believe me? Here’s some of the stuff he’s posted on his Twitter account:

But wait, there’s so much more! This nutjob never seems to run out of creepy stuff to share on social media. And please keep in mind he was elected to his position!

Morrow also had a now-deleted Facebook page where he share some assorted weirdness such as this:

“Hillary Clinton masturbation fantasy update. 3 HOURS 27 MINUTES 15 SECONDS. What is wrong with me? I am I getting old? Losing the passion? No matter how much I sniff Hillary’s panties which I bought off of Ebay, I can NEVER seen to be able to last more than 4 hours choking the chicken while thinking about her.” [Facebook, 11/13/13]

“Today we are discussing Hillary Clinton and any jalapeno-flavored lube fantasies you might have with her. Feel free to enlighten us.” [Facebook, 2/20/13] 

And yet some people wonder where Donald Trump came from. He came from the same cesspool of filth that spawned Robert Morrow. Maybe we can convince both to slither back to the depths they crawled out of. If not, we always have the ballot box.

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