This Website Lets You Show Your Dislike Of Donald Trump In An AWESOME Way!

We might as well just say this and be done with it: Few people are more odious and objectionable than Donald Trump. And yet this guy is the frontrunner for the 2016 GOP nomination!

How can we ever hope to properly express our dislike and disdain for the Donald? We can curse until we’re blue in face, but that’s bad for your blood pressure. We can shake our heads, but an entire debate of head shaking can leave your neck sore. We can turn the channel when we see his face on the screen (my preferred method). Or we can get a smidgen of revenge on the man with the dead hamster on his head.

Simply go to and you’ll be taken to a page with a blue background and a photo of Trump. You’ll also notice a large trumpet which you can control with your mouse. Click the mouse and a burst of air exits the trumpet, blowing back Trump’s hair. Sometimes you even get lucky and are given a celebratory shower of confetti as an added bonus. But there is one warning that should come with this site: It can get addictive very quickly!

So the next time you feel those anti-Trump feelings welling up inside, save yourself all that frustration and give the Donald the treatment he deserves.

Trust me on this one: This website is gonna be “YUUUUUUUGE!”


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