Top National Security Officials May Be Ready To Spill The Beans To Impeachment Committee

Even though Donald Trump has told members of his administration not to cooperate with or testify before the House impeachment committee investigating his actions regarding asking the president of Ukraine to provide dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, several officials from the National Security Council will likely appear before the impeachment inquiry this week, according to Politico Legal Affairs correspondent Josh Gerstein.

During an appearance on MSNBC Sunday, Gerstein noted:

“One thing to look forward to later in the week, a couple of NSC national security officials are to be interviewed this week as well. The NSC is the White House, it’s part of the White House, right there in the West Wing and the Eisenhower Executive Office building. So I’ll be looking to see do those people also take that same approach and go in and give their testimony despite basically a direct marching order not to do that — that would be an amazing rebuke.”

MSNBC host Jonathan Capehart asked:

“I just want to make sure you said what you said. Members of the NSC, the National Security Council, are going to the Hill this week to testify in the impeachment inquiry?”

Gerstein replied:

“They are definitely struggling with it. I’m sure many of them have personal counsel advising them. Normally in a situation like this folks are just advised — I mean, NSC people would be advised by White House Counsel’s office, the head of that office is the one who said there would be no cooperation.

“The other question will be will any of these people face any kind of sanction for having gone against what the president or his counsel said to do here. I guess they are rolling the dice and saying at the end of the day they don’t think they really will, that there is no bite behind the president’s letters that he sends to Capitol Hill.”

These national security experts appear to be sick and tired of how Trump is running foreign policy to benefit himself at the expense of everyone else. And it’s safe to say that many of them are willing to face the ire of the White House in order to make sure this president and his crimes are exposed.

If only one member of the National Security Council shows up and testifies fully, it will be a huge loss for Trump and provide even more evidence that can be used to remove this reckless president from office.

Here’s the MSNBC segment:

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