Trump Calls Puerto Ricans Lazy: ‘They Want Everything To Be Done For Them’ (TWEETS)

While the people of Puerto Rico try desperately to survive the devastation wrought by Hurricane Maria, President Trump woke up on Saturday morning, grabbed his cell phone, and began attacking the people of the island territory.

Apparently Trump got his feelings hurt when the mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulin Cruz, said on Friday that “people are dying” in Puerto Rico and directly criticizing the president by commenting:

“We are not as second-class citizens, but as animals that can be disposed of.”

As is typical of the thin-skinned, hate-filled Trump, he lashed out at both Cruz and a country that is already reeling, tweeting out:

Notice how Trump went straight to his old fallback position, the conspiracy theory? Since Mayor Cruz dared to say something about how the people of Puerto Rico need help and aid, suddenly she was told to do so by Democrats.

But Trump was far from finished alienating Puerto Ricans, adding this:

Not content with the venom he’d spewed, Trump kept tweeting:

Again you can see Trump refusing to accept any of the blame and instead trying desperately to pretend that if anyone is critical of him, they’re actually disparaging the first responders who are in Puerto Rico doing their best. But that completely misses the point of how tepid the response from the federal government has been. Why doesn’t he tell the American military to airlift supplies of food and water into Puerto Rico?

The United States is undoubtedly the greatest country in the world. But we’re being led by a man who isn’t smart enough to tie his own shoes.

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