Trump Caught Violating Tax Laws By Inflating The Value Of His Golf Resorts

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, the definition of the word “grifter” is as follows:

“Someone who gets money dishonestly by tricking people.”

Sound like anyone you might be familiar with? If you answered Donald Trump, give yourself a pat on the back and keep reading.

A new report from HuffPost reveals that Trump has been lying about the value and profitability of his golf resorts in Scotland by at least $165 million:

“Trump claimed in his 2018 U.S. filing that his Turnberry and Aberdeen resorts were each worth more than $50 million. For that same time period, he filed balance sheets with the United Kingdom government showing that their combined debt exceeded their assets by 47.9 million British pounds ― the equivalent of $64.8 million at the exchange rate on Dec. 31, 2017, the date of the last U.K. filing available.”

The president has also lied on documents he filed in connection with those resorts here in the United States:

“His 2018 ‘public financial disclosure’ filed with the U.S. Office of Government Ethics also claims those two resorts earned him “income” of $23.8 million. His filings with the U.K. Companies House office in Edinburgh for that period showed the resorts had actually lost 4.6 million pounds ― equal to $6.3 million.

“His U.S. disclosure statement also fails to mention $199.5 million in loans Trump has made to those resorts: $54.9 million from him personally to Trump International, Scotland in Aberdeenshire; $144.6 million from his trust to Trump Turnberry in Ayrshire.”

Also, it should be mentioned that if indeed it can proven that Trump did indeed lie on those firms here in the U.S., he could be in very big legal trouble:

“Knowingly providing false or incomplete information on that form is a violation of the Ethics in Government Act punishable by up to a year in jail. Signing the form attesting to the untrue information constitutes making a false statement, punishable by up to five years in prison.”

Six years total in prison. Sounds about right. At least for starters.

Of course, Trump has a history of lying when it comes to the matter of money, whether it be about his taxes (which he refuses to release) or with one of his many scams such as Trump University. He’s even been accused of taking money from a charity for his own purposes. The guy has no shame whatsoever.

Donald Trump is a crook, a thief, a con man, and a grifter. And while he won’t be prosecuted for his crimes while he’s president, he won’t be there forever, and states such as New York are already known to be pursuing charges against him. They aren’t bound by the same federal prohibitions and can do as they wish when it comes to charging the president with as many crimes as they have the evidence to support.

Perhaps it’s time to replace the definition of the word “grifter” with a photo of Donald Trump and be done with it.

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