Trump Drops Out Of Debate, So Cruz Challenges Him To A ‘Mano a Mano’ Face-off

Ladies and gentlemen, the 2016 GOP race for the White House just got more personal and more real than it ever has. And you can thank Donald Trump and Ted Cruz for amping up the tension in what has already been a contentious battle for the top spot as the Iowa caucus approaches next week.

First we have Trump refusing to participate in the next debate, scheduled for January 28, just a mere three days before the first votes are cast in Iowa. Trump backed out because Fox News would not remove Megyn Kelly as a moderator, so Trump pitched a fit and said he would take his toy and go home. Here he is attempting to validate his decision:

Yes, it is indeed pathetic that a grown man is afraid of a journalist for the news network that slavishly genuflects before all things Republican and right-wing, but most men who talk tough like Trump are nothing but wimps deep down.

Shortly after Trump announced that he would be a no-show for the Iowa debate, Ted Cruz appeared on the Mark Levin radio show and issued this challenge to the Donald:

“If Donald is afraid of Megyn Kelly. I would like to invite him…to participate in a one-on-one debate, between me and Donald, mano a mano.”

Whoa! Sounds like Teddy Boy wants to get all medieval on Trump. I think it’s a great idea, don’t you? These are the two top candidates in the most recent polls, so why not have them go one-on-one in a debate? Does Trump have the stones to debate Cruz without the others being around? Something tells me he will not be accepting Cruz’s invitation.

While he was at it, Cruz also decided to take another swipe at Trump, commenting:

“The fact that Donald is now afraid to appear on the debate stage, that he doesn’t want his record questioned, I think that reflects a lack of respect for the men and women of Iowa.”

Respect?! Donald Trump has no respect for anyone other than himself. Which is why I think Cruz should amend his offer and change it to a steel-cage wrestling match. Two men enter, only one emerges. As Trump would no doubt say, the ratings would be “huuuuuge!”

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