Trump Embroiled In New Foreign Policy Scandal That Could Strengthen Case For Impeachment

The reason that Donald Trump is one the verge of being impeached is, at the most basic level, because the president held up military aid to Ukraine until they would agree to open an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.

But now there’s yet another unexplained delay in aid to a second nation despite the fact that Congress, the Pentagon, and State Department have all signed off on the deal, according to an explosive report from the New York Times:

“The Trump administration has frozen all military aid to the Lebanese army, including a package worth $105 million that both the State Department and Congress approved in September, congressional officials said Friday.

“The halt to American funding of the Lebanese Armed Forces, an important multisectarian group, comes at a critical time for Lebanon, as officials are grappling with the country’s largest street protests since its independence in 1943 and a change in leadership forced by the demonstrations.”

In other words, the security of the existing government in Lebanon is at least partially dependent on the $105 million worth of aid. And if the Lebanese government doesn’t receive that assistance, it could lead to the downfall of a moderate nation in the Middle East, one of the most unstable regions in the world.

But here’s the kicker: Can you guess which country would benefit from a collapse of the moderates in Lebanon? Quoting the Times again:

“A freeze on the assistance could give Iran and Russia an opening to exert greater influence over the Lebanese military, analysts say, and perhaps even allow the Islamic State and Al Qaeda to gain greater footholds in the country.”

It should be noted that the abrupt withdrawal of U.S. military forces in Syria has also been good for Iran, Russia, and assorted terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda and ISIS.

Aid to Lebanon is also needed to counter the influence of Hezbollah, which is designated as a terrorist organization and receives financial and military support from Iran. Iran, in turn, is a major ally of Russia, which trades with the Iranian regime despite the fact that they’re under economic sanctions due to their nuclear ambitions.

Once again, we see Donald Trump doing something that helps Russia and Vladimir Putin. Withholding military aid from Ukraine was also beneficial to Russia, which would love to invade and annex the country the same way it did Crimea.

When it comes to Donald Trump and this administration, all roads lead to Moscow. Once again we have evidence that proves that thesis.

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