Trump Launches Twitter Bombs At Cruz As Campaign Heads To New Hampshire

Just a day after conceding the Iowa caucuses to Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Donald Trump decided to fire up his computer and lob a few well-placed Twitter bombs at the man he has called “an anchor baby in Canada.”

Here’s Trump Monday night, when it became clear that he would indeed finish second to Cruz, whom he has been attacking for weeks:

Who among us knew that Trump had any humility in him at all? But it was short-lived, and now the Donald is back in full attack mode:

Starting to see a pattern? Yes, it’s the old political ploy of saying the other candidate was cheating, so Trump is whining, “I wuz robbed!” Hey, welcome to the real world, Donald. Were you unaware that politics is a dirty business, much like predatory real estate dealing that you’ve made millions off of? Here’s some more of Trump’s bullcrap:

Did Trump just become Ben Carson’s campaign manager? He’s trying to slag Cruz by defending Carson? A few months ago Trump was calling Carson a liar and not fit to be President. Here’s Trump’s closing argument via Twitter:

What has Trump in such a twist is that he cannot stand to face one undeniable fact: He lost Iowa and is a loser. He says he doesn’t lose, but he lost to Ted Cruz on Monday and that means he’s a big loser.

It’s both pathetic and infuriating to watch Donald Trump attempt to justify his loss in Iowa by whining about cheating, vote stealing, dirty tricks, etc. He’d do better to just deal with the fact that he lost after predicting for months that he’d win. That makes him both a loser and a poor predictor of human behavior.

So I leave Donald Trump with this tip: If you cannot handle losing gracefully, you need to go ahead and exit the race now before you further humiliate yourself.

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