Trump Militia Formed To Protect Against ‘Far-Left Agitators’

As if there’s not enough violence at Donald Trump campaign rallies, a new group has formed in an effort to protect Trump supporters from any possible counter-protesters who might dare show up for a Trump event.

Just hours after a man rushed the stage at Trump’s Dayton, Ohio, rally, a Twitter group calling itself “The Lion’s Guard” began encouraging Trumpites to form Trump militias across the country. If you’re looking for a historical comparison, try the Nazi S.A., which was known to violently beat and kill anyone who dared to show up at Adolf Hitler’s rallies and heckle him.

In an online posting, “The Lion’s Guard” wrote:

“Do you want to provide security protection to innocent people who are subject to harassment and assault by Far-left agitators? If so, you are welcome to join. That’s the mission — to protect innocents who can’t hire their own security guards.”

Even better, why don’t the so-called “innocents” stay home and twiddle their thumbs as they watch anime porn? Isn’t that about all the majority of Trump supporters are really any good at?

The posting also noted that members would be unarmed, but “willing to forcefully protect people if need be.” And it added:

“We are *defensive*, *protective* of innocents who are being beaten and harassed for their political views.”

That same Twitter account had over 500 followers within a few hours, and some potential militia members were even wondering what would be an appropriate uniform choice. For that, I have a suggestion:


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