Trump Recklessly ‘Jokes’ That Joe Biden Will Be ‘Shot’ Three Weeks After He’s Elected

During a rally Tuesday evening in Lansing, Michigan, President Donald Trump told a crowd of supporters that his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, will probably be shot three weeks after taking office so that Kamala Harris can be president.

Specifically, Trump mused:

“That’s why they are talking about the 25th Amendment. Three weeks, Joe’s shot. Let’s go Kamala.”

The president said this by way of alleging that if a person votes for Biden, they’ll actually be getting Harris as head of state because there’s a conspiracy afoot to make Kamala president as soon as possible.

If you or I stood up and said that in public, the Secret Service would pay us a visit and make it very clear that if we did it again, we’d be arrested and charged with threatening a candidate for federal office.

That won’t happen to Trump, of course, because he controls the Secret Service. They work for him. But they also protect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and it’d be nice to think they’d pull Trump aside and make it clear that such talk isn’t the least bit acceptable. Will they? Probably not. Would he listen if they did? Almost certainly not.

Trump’s remarks, however, prove yet again how reckless and dangerous this man is. It is prima facie evidence of exactly why Donald Trump needs to be voted out in record numbers.

Many Americans were outraged by what the president said:

The current president is a danger to every single American. He must be removed via the ballot box.

One thought on “Trump Recklessly ‘Jokes’ That Joe Biden Will Be ‘Shot’ Three Weeks After He’s Elected

  1. Why is it okay for this scandal, corruption, lawlessness continue unmitigated in your country.? Your Allies used our men and women to fight for freedom. Usually from the wars UK or USA chose to ignite…All the USA shows is a greed and need for unmitigated rape and pillage exactly what trump has said about those seeking safe harbor in your country. This too has been seen as a crime against humanity. The children taken forcibly from their parents. The women you dared without consent to have hysterectomy’s Wow what has happened America you have become a rudderless ship dictated by criminals for a man of ill repute who has stolen so much from the people he was suppose to serve. How much more must the free loving countries have to tolerate while we bare witness to trumps world becoming a reality that none of you shall be proud to own….. You sure do need a make over and while you are at it please remove the stain that will be almost as large as the deadly beating virus! Then what do you intend to do with our universe that is showing real signs that our world is also on a path of destruction. All the while your self serving men and women in power are destroying your very own democracy in the world. Trump is the biggest threat to us all. He is a blooming dictator. Of the worst kind. This nonsense of a thug getting away with tax fraud because your legal minds have worked towards getting him off every crime. Just who or what is in charge of your country… ? How does he get away with kind of incitement for murder??

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