Trump Showed Up In North Carolina Last Night Looking Like A Pumpkin And Slurring His Words

Once again on Thursday, Donald Trump went to North Carolina, a state he should be leading in but appears poised to lose come November.

The trip to the Tar Heel state was also where Trump chose to announce his long-promised healthcare plan, which is nothing but a worthless executive order stating that pre-existing conditions will be covered even though they already are under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Meanwhile, Trump is actively working to get the Supreme Court to strike down the ACA and leave tens of millions of Americans without any form of health insurance. As CNN notes:

“President Donald Trump is touting what he calls his health care ‘vision,’ but the executive orders he’s planning to sign Thursday afternoon largely punt on addressing two major issues facing Americans.

“The measures, which fall far short of a comprehensive proposal, come less than six weeks before the presidential election and serve as a political play to shore up concerns at a swing state event. Democratic nominee Joe Biden has already committed to making health care a focal point of the rest of his campaign, highlighting Trump’s actions to dismantle the Affordable Care Act and the unprecedented protections the law already provides for people with pre-existing conditions.”

Trump’s “plan” is nothing but words on a paper with no force of law and totally bogus, like nearly everything he says or does.

But there was also the matter of how Trump was unable to pronounce certain words. They were easy ones, too. In this case, the word “original,” which he repeated and then tried to pretend he knew all along:

And then there’s the matter of the makeup, which wasn’t applied very well and made the president look like a Halloween pumpkin:

The dude is a hot mess, no matter how you choose to look at the picture. He’s perpetually confused, angry, absurd, ridiculous, and downright frightening. And it has nothing to do with being orange, though that sure as hell doesn’t help matters.

We can rid ourselves of this American cancer by voting. Whatever else you do, get out and vote against this clown. If it’s a landslide, he’ll have a lot more trouble trying to steal the election.

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