Trump Supporters: We Know He’s A Lying Narcissist, But We ‘Just Don’t Care’

While the vast majority of Americans have soured on President Trump and routinely give him poor approval ratings in polls, his most fervent supporters say they still love him, even though they know he’s a lying scumbag.

The Financial Times went to Macomb County, Michigan, and talked with voters who cast their ballot for Trump in 2016. What they found can best be described as the ultimate in cognitive dissonance.

Nelson Westrick, an autoworker, had this to say about Trump:

“I am the ‘forgotten man’ that thrust Donald Trump into office, and the media elite and the hard left cannot stand it. I think there’s more Trump support now than before the election.”

Westrick, who says he loves sports, now refuses to watch pro football games because Trump slammed NFL players who took a knee during the playing of the national anthem to protest systematic racism in the United States:

“I am a very passionate sports fan, but I have canceled the NFL network, I blocked ESPN, I don’t listen to sports radio now — and that’s all I used to listen to.”

Brian Pannebecker, who also works in the auto industry but is strongly opposed to unions, said he knows full well that Trump has some major character flaws, but he just doesn’t care:

“(He is) a flawed human being, a narcissist, an egomaniac, he exaggerates, embellishes, but we true Trump supporters don’t care, we just don’t care, because … they are all liars and perverts and sex maniacs. Congress is full of them.”

Pannebecker, who also admires former KKK leader David Duke, added that he’s convinced Trump will be elected again in 2020:

“He may not get 50 percent of the vote again, but he will get re-elected. The only thing that could derail it is a moderate Republican candidate.”

Chris Vitale echoed Pannebecker, commenting:

“Last year at Christmas I was flying high because I felt like I got a present that I couldn’t believe, and I’m still flying high on that present.”

A present? Donald Trump is more like a staph infection that won’t respond to treatment and winds up sending you to the hospital for a long, painful stay.

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