Trump Toadies On ‘Fox & Friends’ Say Criticizing Donnie Is ‘So Anti-American’ (VIDEO)

Over at Trump TV (also known as Fox “News”), they love Donald Trump so much that at times it seems the hosts have agreed to bow or curtsy anytime the Orange Menace’s name is mentioned on the network.

Kilmeade whined:

“Isn’t it amazing, the timing, something comes up about the Russia investigation, like for example, a story that could have broken in June comes out in January after the president goes to Davos and is treated like a rock star.”

Trump was treated like a “rock star” at Davos? He was laughed at, booed, and ridiculed behind his back, the same as he always is when he opens his big mouth and belches out his patented lies and bullshit.

Spicer joined the debate, saying Trump would also get no respect when he delivers his State of the Union address Tuesday evening:

“Somebody will dig something up from when he was, like, 8 years old about how he didn’t clean his tray.”

And then co-host Ainsley Earhardt laid this fresh turd of fascism in response:

“It’s just so anti-American. Where is the unity?”

It’s anti-American to criticize a man who may have committed treason with Russia and who continually attacks women, African-Americans, and anyone that doesn’t agree with him?

As for unity, the irony and hypocrisy of that cannot possibly be overstated. For eight years, Fox and the Republicans slammed President Obama for every word he uttered. They attacked his wife for wearing sleeveless dresses, for God’s sake! Unity? Gimme a freaking break!

Fox has never been and never will be a news network. They should officially change their name to the Trump Television Network and be done with it.



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