Trumpkins Create Harebrained Conspiracy Theory Around The Donald’s Water Sip

Some people have way too much time on their hands and way too few brain cells in their empty heads.

Last week, President Trump was making a speech at the White House and suddenly took a sip of water. The way it turned out, however, was so bizarre that it left many people wondering: Why in the hell did he hold the water bottle that way? WTF is up with that?! Take a look:

He’s holding the bottle like it’s a damn sippy cup! How many people do you know who need two hands to take a drink from a bottle of water?

But in the dark corners of the internet, a new theory sprang up, and it’s so crazy that it could only have been hatched from the badly deficient minds of Trump acolytes.

Here’s how Trumpkins read that two-handed sip: It’s a secret sign Trump was sending to his most ardent fans that he’s about to a child sex-trafficking ring that’s led by…Hillary Clinton! As Newsweek reports:

“Clinton, her daughter Chelsea and Senator John McCain are among leading figures secretly wearing ankle bracelets after having already been indicted.”

If that’s not wacko bird bizarre enough for you, there’s also this suggestion behind why former President Obama really showed up for jury duty in Chicago not long ago:

Yep, Obama was there to get fitted for his ankle monitor, too.

Wait, there’s more:

“The theory goes far beyond accusing Clinton of being involved in a pedophilia ring led by the wealthy banking family, the Rothschilds. It alleges the kind of vast elite conspiracy against Americans that has been the source of conspiracy theories since time immemorial.

So what does Trump’s sip of water have to do it with it all? Well, he drank Fiji Water, and Fiji is a source country for child sex trafficking. Obviously.”

As my grandfather used to say, You cannot hope to have a debate with a crazy person.

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