Trump’s Campaign Manager Once Called Female Employee A ‘C*nt’

We’ve heard the familiar expression our entire lives: Birds of a feather flock together. And nowhere does that appear to be more true than within the Donald Trump for President campaign.

Corey Lewndowski, Trump’s campaign manager, who was accused just last week of physically assaulting a reporter for Brietbart, has a history of rude and sexually suggestive comments to female employees and also loves to try and bully reporters, according to a new report just published by Politico.

Prior to becoming the chief for the Trump campaign, Lewandowski worked for the group Americans for Prosperity (AFP), which is funded by the Koch brothers. And it was in that position that Lewandowski first earned his reputation as a massive asshat who thinks that because he’s an ex-cop, he can try to muscle people into doing as he instructs.

In 2012, while working for AFP, Lewandowski bragged about threatening to “blow up” the car of AFP’s chief financial officer when an expense reimbursement check was late arriving. In 2014, he also berated a female co-worker at a board meeting. When the woman challenged his authority, witnesses say he loudly called her a “c*nt” for all to hear. As a result, Lewandowski was shifted to a new position where he ran an AFP voter registration drive.

Yet even when attempting to register voters, Lewandowski ran afoul of regulations when he sent incorrect voter registration forms to voters in the state of North Carolina.

Trump first met Lewandowski at an AFP event in 2014, and Trump offered him $20,000 a month and a campaign headquarters at an apartment on the Upper East Side of New York City.

In his current job, reporters have complained about inappropriate comments the Trump campaign chair has made to female reporters, many of them sexually suggestive.

So as we can see, Lewandowski and Trump are indeed birds of a feather. Both are massive pieces of human excrement who deserve to be flushed down the American toilet as soon as possible.

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