Trump’s ‘Second-Term Project’: Slash Social Security To Pay For His Massive Tax Cuts

In just three and a half years, Donald Trump has managed to destroy nearly everything that it took decades to build in this country, and now it appears that he has even more dangerous ideas if he happens to win a second term in office.

Just recently, the New York Times reported that as a result of the GOP tax scam bill that cut taxes on the biggest corporations and richest Americans, the the federal budget deficit will surpass $1 trillion in 2020. That’s in addition to the $1 trillion the tax cut has already tacked onto the long-term national debt.

To alleviate the ballooning deficit and debt, right-wingers and conservatives are suggesting that massive cuts to social programs are needed, and they have specifically noted that Social Security and Medicare are ripe for the picking. Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) informed the Times:

“We’ve brought it up with President Trump, who has talked about it being a second-term project.”

That matches reporting from the Washington Post, which also says Trump has big plans to slash the budget by going after the two main entitlements, Medicare and Social Security:

“Trump’s advisers say he will be better positioned to crack down on spending and shrink or eliminate certain agencies after next year, particularly if Republicans regain control of the House of Representatives.”

All of this is a dream come true for conservative and libertarian groups who for years have been urging that entitlements be cut to the bone, no matter the consequences for senior citizens or the disabled:

“Conservative groups—which largely supported Mr. Trump’s tax cuts—have pushed Congress to cut future deficits by reducing benefits for federal health care and retirement programs, like Medicare and Social Security. ‘Something must be done soon,’ the conservative advocacy group FreedomWorks said in a news release on Wednesday, ‘and that means taking a hard look at mandatory spending, the root cause of the United States’ fiscal woes.'”

The stakes in 2020 could not be clearer. If you value your future and the health and safety of tens of millions of your fellow Americans, the only sane choice is to vote for whoever the Democratic nominee is. This country will not survive a second Trump term and GOP control of Congress.

The only “second-term project” Trump deserves is one that boots him from the Oval Office and into a prison cell.

One thought on “Trump’s ‘Second-Term Project’: Slash Social Security To Pay For His Massive Tax Cuts

  1. And people wonder why the rest of the world thinks we are a bunch of uneducated bafoons…We have quickly become the biggest laughing stock in the world for blindly supporting such nonsense as having a greedy idiot like Trump in office! A man who cuts stuff that WE THE PEOPLE pay for, NOT the gov’t, in order to make up for big wig personal spending and tax cuts for those who need them the LEAST and SHOULD be paying the MOST taxes…but no, instead we continue to allow the middle class to be hit the hardest, thus eradicating the middle class and turning us into a 3rd world country. I don’t see this country’s economy lasting more than another 5 years at this rate!

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