Twisted GOP Logic: HHS Secretary Says $880 Billion In Medicaid Cuts Will Benefit Patients (VIDEO)

Apparently members of the Trump administration are unfamiliar with the basics of logic and reason. For example: If you cut a program drastically–lets’s say by nearly a trillion dollars–it’s a pretty safe bet that fewer people will be able to benefit from that program.

Such was the discussion on State of the Union Sunday, when host Jake Tapper welcomed Tom Price, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, to discuss the passage of the American Health Care Act–aka Trumpcare–in the House of Representatives earlier this week. Tapper reminded Price that as a candidate Donald Trump had repeatedly promised to never cut federal funds for Medicare or Medicaid, and yet the bill passed on Thursday calls for $880 billion in cuts to Medicaid, the program which helps the most financially needy members of our country. Tapper asked:

“Without question, $880 billion fewer dollars is a cut. How is this not a broken promise?”

Price, a slithering snake of a human being, dodged the question and instead offered this tortured logic to explain the fact that the administration plans to stick it to the most vulnerable Americans:

“Imagine a system that works better for patients. What we’re fashioning is a system that would allow the states to tailor that Medicaid program to those specific individuals saving money but also a higher level of care than they currently do. Sounds like it makes a lot of sense.”

Imagine taking health insurance away from 25-30 million people who will then have no recourse other than to no longer get the medical attention they so desperately need. Now imagine that all of this is being done so the Republicans can give a giant tax cut to their wealthy benefactors and further enrich the insurance and pharmaceutical behemoths.

Later in the discussion, Tapper tried to get Price to respond to why so many physician’s groups such as the American Medical Association, are opposed to Trumpcare. Again, rather than give an answer, Price suggested that patients “talk to their doctors” to obtain the information. Translation: I don’t have a decent answer, so let me feed you some more bullshit.

Trumpcare is a gigantic disaster. Tom Price is a doctor, and yet he has the audacity to defend this nightmare? He needs to be stripped of his medical license. He willfully gave up any dignity he ever had a long time ago.

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