Twitter Shreds Fox Host For Touting Trump’s ‘Excellent’ 43 Percent Approval Rating

Bless their hearts, the dolts over at Fox News just love them some Donnie Dotard Trump. They just can’t get enough of his baby hands, fiberglass insulation hair, and mindless tweets. And nothing delights them more than blowing kisses and sending fawning praise in the direction of El Orangeface.

Kimberly Guilfoyle, who serves as co-host of the low-rated afternoon show on Trump TV known as The Five, ran across a new approval rating poll that shows President Collusion with a 43 percent rating. She immediately posted said poll on Twitter so Prince Hairpiece could revel in the numbers:

Wow, how impressive! But there’s one little problem: That very same poll shows that Trump’s disapproval is at 52.8 percent. He’s underwater by nearly ten points and Guilfoyle is taking victory laps on his behalf?! There’s sad, and then there’s downright pathetic, which is how Trump’s poll numbers and Guilfoyle’s tweet should be classified.

It took only minutes for social media to give Ms. Guilfoyle and her fascist savior a strong dose of internet karma:


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