Utah Woman Heaps Scorn On White Supremacists, Calling Them ‘Profound Losers’

A woman in Utah says she’s had it with white supremacists and other hate groups who identify themselves with the American Confederacy and Nazi Germany.

The Salt Late Tribune published a letter last week from a woman who described herself as “67-year-old American white woman” who is sick and tired of the growth of hate groups in the United States. The op-ed begins:

“What is wrong with you? People of European heritage are doing just fine in the world. They run most of the world’s institutions, hold much of the world’s wealth, replicate as frequently as other humans. You’re not in any danger here.”

There are so many real problems facing the country and world, the woman goes on to say:

“Going forward, tackling corporate control and climate change will need all of our attention, ideas and energy. Put down your Tiki torches and trite flags and get involved in some real work.”

As for the affinity of white supremacists for racist ideologies such as those espoused by the failed Confederacy or the Nazis, that’s just aligning yourself with losers, the woman notes:

“By the way, the world won the war against Nazi fascism in the 1940s, just as America won the war against the Confederacy in the 1860s. Aligning with two lost causes just labels you as profound losers.

“White person to white person. Like my parents before me, I will not stand idly by nor give up my rights or the rights of other Americans because you think you are better than some of us. It doesn’t work that way. All Americans stand shoulder to shoulder against your hatred and bigotry.”

It didn’t take long for the op-ed to go viral on social media, with some calling it “letter of the goddamn year.”

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