WATCH A GOP Congressman Confirm That Trump Is NEVER Going To Build A Border Wall

As Congress heads out for their long August recess and the so-called Trump agenda lies in ruins, you can now add another lie to the growing mountain of disinformation President Trump has been peddling ever since he first decided to run for the White House: There’s not going to be any border wall.

Florida Republican Congressman Francis Rooney appeared on CNN Saturday morning and said that all of Trump’s campaign talk about a wall that Mexico would pay for was just a metaphor:

“I don’t think anyone during the campaign seriously thought that Mexico was going to pay for that wall. We all believe that the wall is a metaphor for border security.”

Host Victor Blackwell then inquired of Rooney:

“Do you believe that the crowds at President Trump’s rallies believed … they were supporting a metaphor instead of a traditional, brick and mortar cement wall?”

To make his point, Blackwell played video clips in which Trump boldly declared:

“It’s going to be a real wall, it’s going to be a high wall, it’s going to be beautiful, it’s going to be a wall that works.

“It’s going to be made of hardened concrete and it’s going to be made out of rebar…and we’re going set them in nice heavy foundations.”

So, Blackwell asked, who pays for the metaphorical wall? Is that still going to be Mexico? Rooney replied:

“No, I don’t think Mexico will pay for the wall. I think he was maybe speaking in a campaign hyperbole or whatever, but I don’t think Mexico will pay for the wall. It could be just campaign words, you know.”

Campaign words? Oh, you mean lies?

Blackwell ended the segment by reminding Rooney:

“Campaign words are the basis on which voters selected Donald Trump. So are we to dismiss the promise that Mexico pay for the wall?”

We can dismiss everything Donald Trump says. Every word out of his mouth is a blatant lie.

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