WATCH A Trump Surrogate Go Down In Flames While Discussing Terror Attack On Muslims In London

Whenever there’s a terror attack, President Trump is usually quick to take to Twitter and comment on the matter, even though in doing so he only manages to prove his own ignorance and bigotry.

But the most recent attack in London–this one against Muslims leaving evening prayers and perpetrated by a white man from Wales–has brought nothing from the president, not even a pledge of support from the United States to our longtime ally, Great Britain.

Former Trump campaign official and surrogate Jason Miller appeared on CNN Tuesday morning to discuss the issue and was asked by host Chris Cuomo why Trump hasn’t yet made any statement on the London attack:

“What would be wrong with… just wishing the best to your ally Britain?”

Miller’s response did nothing to address the question he had been asked:

“We don’t know everything that’s going on behind the scenes. We don’t know what’s coming in from intelligence reports.”

Cuomo countered:

“There can’t be any reason not to express condolences. What could you find out that would make that inappropriate?”

Clearly flustered, Miller replied:

“There very well might be the possibility that that’s something that’s going to happen today. But I think the president pretty clearly had his focus on the Americans that were killed yesterday… and look, this attack literally, Chris, just happened yesterday.”

Yes, it did just happen yesterday, but Trump was on social media within an hour of the London Bridge attacks, attempting to use the tragedy to sell his Muslim ban, which has been repeatedly put on hold in various federal courts and is now being appealed to the United States Supreme Court.

Let’s be perfectly honest: Donald Trump feels no sympathy for any Muslim, even when they’re the victims of terrorism. He’s a racist, Islamophobic man who used hatred and considerable assistance from Russia to reach the highest office in the land. He’s a cancer on this country and the world.

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