WATCH Ana Navarro Compare Trump Rallies To Tripping On Mushrooms

If you’ve ever seen part of a Donald Trump rally–pre or post-election–then you know it’s somewhat akin to watching a three-ring circus minus the elephants and tigers and with much less substance.

GOP strategist Ana Navarro appeared on CNN Wednesday morning and made a comment about President Trump’s latest rally (Tuesday evening in Youngstown, Ohio) which may well wind up being the ultimate description of a Trump event. Navarro told host Alisyn Camerota:

“This conversation we’re having today about him being the most presidential but for Abraham Lincoln — guys, I’ve never done hallucinogenic mushrooms, but when I watch one of these Trump rally speeches, I feel (like), okay — this is what it must be like to be high on hallucinogenic mushrooms.”

Co-host Chris Cuomo began laughing and said Camerota might beg to differ. That led Camerota to respond:

“It’s very different.”

While Navarro swore she had never experimented with so-called “magic mushrooms,” what she said next about the average Trump rally certainly sounded accurate:

“The stuff that comes out of his mouth, sometimes you’ve got to just laugh at the absurdity. Six months into his presidency he’s comparing himself to the other 44 presidents, which have included great giants like Thomas Jefferson, like George Washington, like FDR, like Ronald Reagan. It is just mind-blowing.

“I think the entire thing is somewhere between absurd, hilarious and panic-inducing.”

Hard to argue with that assessment. It seems the main reason Trump holds these rallies is to boost his already oversized ego and allow him to go on for an hour or more about how great he is and all the things he’s getting accomplished, even though he has yet to see Congress pass a single piece of legislation that he’s requested.

As with all things Trump, the reality of the situation is always miles away from the BS that pours out of his big mouth.

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