WATCH Ana Navarro DESTROY A Trump Supporter For Saying The Donald Isn’t Racist

In light of Donald Trump’s incredibly offensive comments about not wanting to allow immigrants from what he dubbed “shithole” countries, we now find ourselves asking a question we’ve had to confront in the past with the president: Is Donald Trump a racist?

On CNN Friday morning, GOP strategist Ana Navarro and Trump acolyte Jason Miller discussed Trump’s remarks, and Navarro admitted she was “pissed off,” and then added:

“This country is great and the reason people want to come here is because this country has been built decade after decade from the very start by people fleeing political persecution, by people fleeing ‘shitholes. They came from ‘shitholes’ in Africa, and they were shackled to the bowels of ships, and whipped and beaten and auctioned like property. A lot of them are buried in Arlington. Maybe when he was busy dodging the draft to Vietnam, instead of talking about shitholes and being a public, shameless racist, he should take a walk outside the White House and see the names imprinted on the wall and see how many people come from ‘shitholes.’”

Miller said there was nothing at all racist about what Trump said and then tried desperately to pivot:

“He will get a deal done on DACA. He is trying to get comprehensive immigration reform done in a way that Obama and Bush couldn’t.”

Navarro, however, was having none of Miller’s excuses for the president, finishing him off with this salvo:

“You look like a buffoon trying to make sense of what this man is saying! This is Donald Trump being a racist. I don’t care what you say.”

Ana’s 100 percent right: Anyone who defends comments like the ones Trump made is not only an enabler, they’re also guilty of racism by association.

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