WATCH Ana Navarro DESTROY Trump Flack Katrina Pierson On Live TV

The always annoying, ignorant, and completely ridiculous Trump shill Katrina Pierson is back, and she’s probably wishing she had stayed home instead of showing up for a debate on CNN with former GOP strategist Ana Navarro on the issue of healthcare.

Pierson represents a super PAC which ran attack ads against Nevada Republican Senator Dean Heller for his opposition to the Senate version of Trumpcare, which would leave as many as 22 million Americans without health insurance if enacted.

The former Trump campaign spokesperson said the PAC ran the negative ads against Heller because he held a press conference, attacked the bill, and then walked away from the negotiating table. Pierson then added:

“Now is not the time to play games with Medicaid expansion or catering to a particular group or electorate. This is about getting this horrible bill …. it’s time for Republicans to do what they said they were going to do.”

No sooner had the words left Pierson’s mouth than Navarro gave her a lesson in how representative democracy works:

“Let me tell you what caving is! Caving is trying to force an elected official, who was elected by his people, to vote against his conscience, to vote against his principles and what thinks are the interest of his people that voted for him and do it by force instead of bringing him to the table and figuring out the solutions. It’s not just Heller, there’s a lot of Republican senators who don’t want to vote for this for one reason or another. And mainly because it’s not good for the people of their state. So, that is caving. Handing in your principles.”

Pierson said Heller ran on repealing Obamacare and that the Affordable Care Act has had a negative impact on the state. That led host Anderson Cooper to ask:

“Isn’t it more important long-term, Heller as a Republican, that Heller gets re-elected instead of a Democrat?”

As usual, Pierson proved how little she understands about politics, telling Cooper:

“We are talking about far more seats if they don’t address it now, and that’s the problem.”

Once again, Navarro schooled the dense Trumpkin by reminding her:

“When you’ve got a two-seat majority, one seat matters.”

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