WATCH Ana Navarro Shut Down A Trump Supporter For His Blatant Hypocrisy

A debate between conservative Ben Ferguson and former Republican strategist Ana Navarro got heated Thursday morning on CNN during a discussion of women and the two main American political parties.

It began when Ferguson complained that Ellen DeGeneres had promoted rap star Eminem’s freestyle rap criticizing President Trump, and yet, Ferguson said, DeGeneres refuses to have Trump on her show due to comments the president has made in which he bragged about sexually assaulting women by grabbing their genitals. That led Navarro to remind Ferguson of his hypocrisy in defending a known misogynist in the White House:

“It’s equally absurd to support a man who talked about grabbing women, and then get all Holy Roller when it comes to a hip-hop rapper.”

Ferguson then doubled down, saying there was a danger in liberals being a champion for Eminem, who has written some notably anti-woman lyrics over his career:

“I think the left has to be very careful about wrapping their arms around a guy who is so disgusting and vile towards women.”

That’s when Navarro destroyed Ferguson with this line:

“But I could turn that around and say, ‘The right has got to be very careful to not wrap themselves around a guy who is so disgusting and vile that he talks about grabbing women.’”

Trying desperately to recover, Ferguson spluttered:

“I denounced that and said it was inappropriate when it happened!”

Then the conservative tried to pivot back to Eminem, but again Navarro was waiting for him and laid a verbal smackdown on him by reminding him:

“The rapper doesn’t have the nuclear codes!”

No one who supports or defends Donald Trump has any footing when it comes to criticizing another person for misogyny or improper sexual behavior. Trump is a pig and has admitted that he loves to harass and assault women. Dozens of women have attested to this fact. It’s yet another reason Trump is unfit to be the leader of this country.

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