WATCH: Asked About Russia, Floundering Conway Brings Up…Benghazi?!

These are desperate, paranoid times at the White House. As multiple investigations of possible collusion with Russia branch out and grand juries meet to issue subpoenas, President Trump and his advisers are searching for something (anything!) they can use as a talking point.

A perfect example was offered by White House adviser Kellyanne Conway when she appeared on This Week and was confronted by host George Stephanopoulos with the fact that Trump’s attorney, Jay Sekulow, had insisted the president played no part in crafting a letter to defend his son, Don Jr. Yet Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders later revealed Trump had indeed “weighed in as any father would.” This led Stephanopoulos to remind Conway:

“The White House and the president’s lawyer said he wasn’t involved at all. They didn’t tell the truth.”

In a dismissive tone, Conway began to reply:

“You know, George, I know there this whole thing about…”

The ABC host finished Conway’s sentence for her:

“About telling the truth.”

Clearly annoyed, Conway snapped:

“Let’s talk about telling the truth. Let’s talk about [President Barack Obama] looking Americans in the eye who are still suffering eight years later. If you like your plan you can keep it, if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. Benghazi happened because of a video.”

Here we go again! Instead of responding to a legitimate inquiry, Trump or his surrogates always try to blame everything on Obama and Clinton, neither of whom had improper contacts with Russian agents and may have committed treason with one of our enemies.

Thankfully, Stephanopoulos wasn’t about to let Conway get away her diversionary tactics, telling her:

“Kellyanne, you’re simply changing the subject. You are changing the subject going back to President Obama and Hillary Clinton.”

Then he added:

“Don Jr. responded to an email that said he was going to get Russian government information on Hillary Clinton. That was not out during the campaign. That was revealed just in the last several weeks.”

To that, Conway was left to reply:

“But what came of that meeting. Nothing.”

Actually, Kellyanne, we don’t know that yet. That’s one of many things Robert Mueller is going to determine. And rest assured he won’t be distracted by bullshit about Benghazi.

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