WATCH: Carly Fiorina Falls Off Stage And Ted Cruz Couldn’t Care Less

If you were wondering how that whole Ted Cruz-Carly Fiorina shotgun wedding thing was going, an incident that took place yesterday while the two were campaigning in Indiana speaks volumes.

In the video below, Fiorina is seen with microphone in hand, introducing Cruz and his family. As the Cruz family walks onstage, Fiorina slips and falls, doing a face-plant. How does Ted react? Does he show any concern for his running mate, offer her a hand up, laugh at her? Take a look:

He totally ignores the fact that Fiorina is on the ground, in need of assistance. Teddy Boy is far too busy shaking hands and doing his best to forestall the inevitable outcome he knows is right around the corner when the Hoosier State votes tomorrow. The latest polls show Donald Trump ahead of Cruz and Fiorina by at least 15 points.

But the Fiorina fall is emblematic of Cruz’s entire campaign. He has never been able to gain any traction, even though he has said all along that if some of the other Republicans would drop out of the race, he could beat Trump in a head to head matchup. How’s that going, Ted?

Pretty soon, Cruz is gonna need someone to help him up after the GOP electorate runs all over and flattens him, proving yet again that no one likes this guy.

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