WATCH Chris Cuomo Dismantle A Trump Attorney On Live TV

Jay Sekulow, who serves as an attorney for President Trump, appeared on CNN Wednesday morning, and it didn’t take long for host Chris Cuomo to make mincemeat out of him.

Sekulow began the interview by trotting out the dubious claim that Donald Trump Jr. hadn’t violated any laws when he met with Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya:

“It’s not a violation of the law here. But Donald Trump Jr. yesterday said, ‘It’s the heat of the campaign, there’s a lot of activity going on. It was a 20 minute meeting that did not produce anything.”

Cuomo lit into Sekulow, telling him:

“We don’t know that. You have such credibility issues here. You don’t know that to be a fact is all I’m saying. You do not know that to be a fact.”

The Trump lawyer asked:

“What do I not know to be a fact?”


“You do not know what was said in that meeting and what happened after it for a fact.” 

That led Sekulow to shift gears, declaring:

“Like any lawyer, Chris, you base it on the evidence you see.”

The CNN host, who has a law degree, reminded Sekulow:

“You have no evidence.”

Thinking he could try some verbal jujitsu, Sekulow told Cuomo:

“Hold it. Your network has aired interviews with Natalia saying it did not happen. You put it on the air.”

With one final flourish that served as a response to Sekulow while also condemning the endless lies told by the Trump White House about Russia, Cuomo said:

“I have a lot of people come on my show and say things that aren’t true.”

Whatever Trump is paying Jay Sekulow, if it’s more than five cents, it’s way too much. He can’t debate his way out of a wet paper bag.

Here’s the confrontation:

Part 2:

Part 3:


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