WATCH Chris Cuomo SHUT DOWN A Trump Surrogate By Asking, ‘Why Are You Defending Russia?’

It now appears crystal clear that Russia’s fingerprints are all over the 2016 campaign, and with each day we see that Vladimir Putin was able to help elect the person he wanted to be the next President of the United States, Donald Trump.

This morning on CNN, a spokesperson for the Trump transition, Jason Miller, appeared to discuss the matter with host Chris Cuomo. Cuomo repeatedly asked Miller why Trump was so opposed to investigating the hacking of the Democratic National Committee, but Miller continued to dodge the question by saying Cuomo and the Democrats are attempting to make it appear Trump is an illegitimate president.

Finally sick of Miller’s prevarication, Cuomo told the Trump surrogate:

“Why won’t you call this what it is? October 7, [James] Clapper comes out, the head of the DNI, and says, ‘This is what Russia does, it has all the signatures of it, they’re trying to increase some kinds of influence in our election.’ You say it’s ridiculous — why?”

Once more Miller resorted to saying Trump had won the election, which led Cuomo to respond:

“Who’s talking about why he won it?”

Miller would not budge from his talking point:

“Chris, you’re trying to delegitimize the election!”

Cuomo then told Miller:

“No I’m not, I’m trying to get you to see Russia for what it is. You have real blinders on about this.”

Trying to change tactics, Miller said the election ended a month ago, which is when Cuomo shut down the Trump shill by telling him:

“Vladimir Putin directs the action of Russian intelligence. We just had U.S. intelligence say, ‘Russia negatively tried to influence our election.’ And you say, ‘We won, we won, we won!’ Why are you defending Russia’s actions?”

Probably because Miller, like Trump himself, knows damn well that Putin did indeed tip the scale in favor of the GOP nominee. There’s a whole lotta smoke here, and that usually indicates there’s a fire.

Take a look at Miller making a complete fool of himself:

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