WATCH Chris Cuomo Shut Down Kellyanne Conway During A Discussion Of Gun Violence

Rather than have an actual conversation about the issue of guns in America, White House adviser went on a strange rant about Hillary Clinton and the Russia investigation during an appearance on CNN Thursday.

Host Chris Cuomo asked Conway when exactly would be the right time to talk about new gun control measures since her boss and other Republicans have repeatedly said no such discussions should be initiated so soon after the mass shooting in Las Vegas. To that, Conway replied:

“This conversation [about guns] wasn’t being had until tragedies like this strike by those who try to be the loudest voices. You see Hillary Clinton talking about herself, not talking about this. You see her rushing to judgement the other day on Twitter, while people are still looking through the rubble, searching the hospital for their missing loved ones, trying to politicize it.”

Yeah, because Republicans never ever try to politicize things like terrorist attacks or immigration.

Next, Conway asserted that Democratic Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have both tweeted more about Russia than about guns in America. She also said CNN had done the same thing:

“Your obsession with Russia has been to the exclusion of this conversation. I know the high-horse cavalry loves to run in, beating and thumping their chests after the tragedies, but let’s step back and have a thoughtful conversation about everything that’s at play here.”

Perhaps our “obsession” with Russia and Russian influence on our democratic process has something to do with the fact that the current president may have committed treason and is therefore completely illegitimate and should be indicted and tried for betraying his country. And if Trump wasn’t himself so obsessed with the Russia investigation, we might not get the impression that he knows he’s in deep shit.

Fortunately, Cuomo wasn’t about to let Conway get away with her nonsense, telling her:

“Kellyanne, I’m tired, so I apologize in advance, but I have to tell you, a lot of this just doesn’t wash. All you need to know about the bump stock is that it was legal and that’s what allowed him to lay down that field of fire. That’s all you need to know about it. There’s no thoughtful conversation to have about it.”

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