WATCH Don Jr’s Infomercial For Gun Silencers That Help ‘Get Little Kids Into The Game’

As President Trump visited Las Vegas Wednesday, scene of the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history, it’s instructive to note that the Trump family has deep ties to the gun industry and their weapons of mass destruction such as the dozens used by Stephen Paddock to murder 58 people and wound over 500 others.

In September of 2016, just two months before the election which propelled his father to the White House, Donald Trump, Jr. gladly filmed a 40-minute infomercial for a company that manufactures gun silencers.

On Tuesday’s MTP Daily, host Chuck Todd noted that the gun industry’s “marketing campaigns aimed at kids” included Trump Jr. who “praised [SilencerCo’s] product line, in part, because it might make guns easier for kids to use.”

In the video, Don Junior remarks:

“It’s about safety. It’s about hearing protection. It’s a health issue, frankly, for me.”

The oldest son of the president also gushes that the product will help “little kids into the game” because “it greatly reduces recoil.” He then adds:

“It’s just a great instrument. There is nothing bad about it at all. It makes total sense, it’s where we should be going.”

Yes, because if there’s one thing we need more of in this country, it’s more children with guns so they can carry them to school in their backpacks, play with them like they’re toys, and wave them around as they walk through the house and neighborhood. A gun in every child’s hand! What a great country this is!

Perhaps you’ve heard the old saying that we are the company we keep. That being said, clearly the Trump family has no problem being sales whores for companies that manufacture weapons of murder and mayhem that lead to the death of tens of thousands of Americans each and every year. There’s blood on Donald Trump Jr’s hands, and it’s yet another reason he and every member of the Trump criminal enterprise need to be indicted, tried, and placed in prison.

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