WATCH: FBI Video Proves Oregon Militant Reached For Gun TWICE Before Being Shot

Ever since the confrontation between federal authorities and militia members earlier this week at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, conspiracy theories have been circulating among fellow militants and the right-wing extremists who support them. Most go like this: LaVoy Finicum, who was shot and killed by agents, was on his knees with his hands in the air, attempting to surrender.

But this video, just released by the FBI, proves that contention to be a complete lie. Watch for yourself:

Take a look at the video around the 9 minute mark and it quickly becomes obvious that as an officer approaches Finicun, Finicum can be seen reaching with his hand toward his body, as if for a weapon. After a second officer appears and moves in, Finicum once again reaches to his body and is shot. This is standard procedure for officers who think a suspect is about to engage them with a weapon. Conservatives love to say that anyone ordered to do something by police should comply, yet where are they now? Why aren’t they condemning LaVoy Finicum?

Inside Finicum’s truck, FBI agents found two loaded .223 caliber semi-automatic rifles and a loaded .38 special revolver. FBI Special Agent Greg Breitzing commented:

“As soon as the agents and troopers were confident that they had addressed any further threats, they provided medical assistance to Finicum. That happened about 10 minutes after the shooting.”

Yet we have asshats such as Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore insisting that militia leader Ammon Bundy called his wife and reported that he had watched Finicum being shot to death while on his knees or lying down. As the video shows, this is pure unadulterated crap. Has Fiore apologized for spreading this falsehood? No she hasn’t

It should also be noted that Finicum told reporters on several occasions that he was willing to give his life in order to defend his perverted view of the Constitution. Apparently he didn’t bother reading the part where it says that if you break the law, you must pay the price.

The siege in Oregon continues, and the Internet is still rife with rumors and conspiracy theories of what happened when Finicum was shot. But the facts do not lie. Only losers who consider themselves above the law think otherwise.

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