WATCH: GOP Congressman Silences Fox Host Who Tries To Accuse Hillary Of Illegal Actions

You may want to mark down today’s date as the first time a Republican ever told the truth on Fox “News” without bursting into flames.

Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) was a guest on Fox & Friends Sunday morning to discuss the indictments of 13 Russian nationals which were announced Friday by Special Counsel Robert Mueller as part of the ongoing investigation into the 2016 election. Host Todd Piro asked Ratcliffe:

“The question now, what does this mean for the Clinton campaign? And can they be charged for their alleged ties to that anti-Trump dossier?”

Ratcliffe’s reply no doubt stunned the Fox host:

“There is nothing inherently illegal about doing opposition research or even using foreign sources to do that.”

The Texas Congressman also said that the indictments handed down do not mean Trump is in the clear, despite what Trump is saying on Twitter:

“I do think that the negative here is that Bob Mueller has clearly indicated in the indictment that the investigation will continue. When a prosecutor uses the term that there are others ‘known and unknown’ to the grand jury that are part of the conspiracy, that’s a signal that there are other either superseding indictments to come or additional indictments about additional conspiracies.”

Meanwhile, Trump continues to try and spin Friday’s indictments as a vindication of him, tweeting out this Saturday night:

And this on Sunday morning:

As the old saying goes, There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.


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