WATCH Katy Tur Open Up A Can Of Whoop-As* On A GOP Congressman Who Questions Her Motives

Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks might want to find someone else to try and pick on instead of MSBC’s Katy Tur, because on Wednesday she set him straight on why her network continues to focus on Donald Trump’s bogus claims that President Obama wiretapped him.

Tur began the interview by asking Brooks if he thought it was time for Trump to lay his cards on the table and produce any evidence he might have that he was indeed bugged:

“Does it frustrate you that time is being spent searching for evidence when the president says he has it? Instead of getting things done like passing a health care bill or any of the rest of the Republican agenda?”

Brooks responded that the blame should be placed on the media for continuing to focus on the issue:

“But that’s something y’all are doing, that is not something that is affecting what we are doing in the halls of Congress.”

To that, Tur queried:

“Are you saying it’s the media fault that we’re taking what the president says seriously?”

The congressman told Tur she and the media were focusing on the wiretapping accusation “because it enhances your ratings, which in turn enhances your profit margins.”

But the MNSBC host was more than ready for Brooks, saying:

“You think it’s ratings? That’s why we’re talking about the president accusing another president or wiretapping him?”

Brooks attempted to shift the focus by saying Tur hadn’t spent nearly enough time talking about the fact that the Federal Reserve had just raised interest rates. But again, Tur had the perfect comeback:

“Congressman, we led our newscast with that so thank you for pointing that out. And secondly, there is a hearing underway on Capitol Hill talking about wiretapping and talking about information being searched or asked for by the FBI and from the DOJ. So, we are choosing to cover what is going on in Washington — and that is what is going on in Washington.

“And my question to you is, because we are covering this, because that is what is going on in Washington, do you have a message to your president to say, ‘Hey, if you’re going to make an accusation, why not produce the evidence so that everybody’s not running around searching for the evidence when you say you have it?”

The Alabama congressman mumbled that Congress is capable of doing many things at the same time, which led Tur to remind him:

“And we in the news media can cover many different stories at the same time, which we are doing.”

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