WATCH: Mike Pence Goes Full-On Weasel When Asked About Rob Porter Scandal

How many versions of the updated “truth” have we heard from the Trump administration on the matter of former White House staffer Rob Porter, who allegedly beat both of his ex-wives? Seems the story changes every single day, depending on which official is doing the lying.

On Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told the press:

“The president and the entire administration take domestic violence very seriously and believe all allegations need to be investigated thoroughly. Above all, the president supports victims of domestic violence and believes everyone deserves to be treated fairly and with due process.”

And yet, when Trump was asked directly for a comment about domestic abuse, he refused to utter a word in response.

Now it’s Mike Pence’s turn. He was asked at a forum hosted by Axios if he believed Chief of Staff John Kelly had been “fully honest and transparent in his explanation” of Porter’s dismissal. Instead of responding directly, Pence resorted to weasel words and praised Kelly for his military service:

“There are very few Americans or American families that have served this nation more honorably or sacrificed more for this country than the family of General John Kelly. John Kelly’s service in uniform, his distinguished service at our department of homeland security where we saw a dramatic reduction of illegal crossings at our southern border, and his distinguished service as chief of staff, gives me and the president great confidence in this good man.”

No one is suggesting Kelly hasn’t sacrificed for his country and served it honorably, but that was in the past, and we’re talking about the present. If any man — no matter his military record — knew a person he hired had been accused of being a wife beater, that man should have booted the staffer out of the office without delay.

Instead, Kelly decided to promote Porter, and was in the process of doing so when the news broke about Porter’s past actions.

There isn’t a single person with a backbone in this administration. They’re all cowards, assholes, fake Christians, and pathetic weasels. Every last one of them needs to be kicked to the curb.

Watch the video here:

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