WATCH: Moronic Fox Host Says ‘We Can All Relate’ To Surviving Concentration Camps

Sometimes I wonder: Does Fox News actively recruit the most ignorant and clueless human beings on the face of the planet to populate their so-called news shows? Because if they do, then they must have had to look long and hard to find someone as truly dense as Ainsley Earhardt, one of the co-hosts of “Fox and Friends.”

On this morning’s show, the three intelligence-challenged talking heads–Earhardt, Steve Doocy, and Brian Kilmeade–were engaged in a discussion of the PBS show “Finding Your Roots,” which discovered that Dustin Hoffman’s great-grandmother was a survivor of a Soviet concentration camp during the persecution of the Jews under communist rule.

Earhardt, out of nowhere, decided to offer this bit of sheer inanity:

“We can all relate to that, though. You think about what your grandparents did to give you a better life, what your parents did to give you a better life. Pretty remarkable.”

Oh yeah, that’s exactly the same thing as surviving a freaking concentration camp, you bubblehead!

To even attempt to equate what our grandparents in the United States had to undergo–even at the height of the Great Depression–with what millions had to endure as part of systematic effort to destroy an entire race of people is not only stupid, it’s also insensitive as hell.

Granted, I’m not surprised this happened on “Fox and Friends,” but shouldn’t someone at Fox–maybe Fox News chief Roger Ailes–at least issue a statement apologizing for Earhardt’s massive stupidity? Even better, shouldn’t Earhardt be forced to apologize and suspended for a few weeks?

What am I thinking? It’s Fox News! They traffic in distortion on a daily basis.

Here’s the Segment from “Fox and Friends”

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