WATCH: Once Again John Kasich Talks About Rape–Proves His Own Ignorance

Just a couple of days ago, GOP Presidential contender John Kasich got into hot water when he said that women can prevent being raped by not going to parties where alcohol is served. As if it’s the fault of the alcohol instead of the lowlife rapist. When he was asked for clarification or to see if he would apologize, he just repeated what he had originally said and went on with his campaign.

On Sunday, during an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Kasich finally did try to make matters right, but instead merely dug the hole he was already in even deeper, telling host Dana Bash that if alcohol is involved in a case of rape, it becomes “more difficult for justice to be rendered for a whole variety of reasons.” Bash wondered if such a notion might make women not want to report sexual assault. To which Kasich replied:

“Actually, I don’t know how anybody would take it that way.”

But virtually everyone does indeed take it that way, Governor Kasich! As Bash told him:

“Because it’s taken a while to change the stigma of getting people to come out.”

Once again Kasich could have extricated himself from this embarrassing lack of understanding and compassion on his part, but he told the CNN host:

“Dana, I have led the way in the country to fight this and to get justice served in these conditions. I think even if, in fact, there is alcohol involved, you still have — you still can find the perpetrator. I just don’t want justice to be denied because something comes up that a prosecutor looks at it and says, well, I can’t figure this thing out.”

You’ve led the way, John? Really?! When exactly did that start? About five seconds ago?

The GOP consistently says they cannot figure out why there’s such a huge gender gap among the American electorate. Yeah, how in the world could that be, Governor Kasich? Have you any ideas on the subject?

Here’s Kasich on “State of the Union”

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