WATCH: Paul Ryan – I’m Too Busy ‘Fixing Congress’ To Investigate Sexual Abuse Claims Against Trump

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is a very happy man. He’s finally managed to pass massive tax cuts for the rich that will explode the deficit so he can then implement his plan to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Appearing on the Today show Wednesday morning to discuss the GOP tax bill, host Savannah Guthrie also asked about Ryan’s recent comments that any member of the House who has been accused of sexual assault or sexual harassment should immediately resign from office:

“President Trump has been accused as well. Three of those accusers recently asked for a congressional investigation. They want you, they want Congress to look into whether those accusations against the president are true.”

A clearly uncomfortable Ryan told Guthrie:

“Those are criminal matters and Congress doesn’t do criminal investigations.”


“You do ethics investigations.”

Again, Ryan tried to pass the buck:

“I would invite you to talk to the White House.”

And then Ryan tried to make it all better by assuring Guthrie and viewers that he was busy making things better for everyone:

“Let’s give this issue the respect it deserves. And that’s why we’re taking this seriously and we’re doing mandatory training, we’re going to bring out a whole slew of reforms at the end of the week to show how Congress is going to get ahead of this problem and make sure that victims have rights.”

The NBC host then reminded the Speaker:

“It should not be a partisan issue. The White House position on the president’s accusers is that they are all liars. Is that your position?”

A clearly bested Ryan then told Guthrie:

“Look, I don’t even know what all of these accusations are. I’m focused on fixing Congress.”

Fixing Congress? If you want to do that, try resigning and urging your Republican colleagues to do the same. Oh, and before you leave, impeach the sexual predator in the Oval Office.

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