WATCH: Ted Cruz Cannot Answer A Simple Question From An NBC Reporter

Ted Cruz, so we are told, is a brilliant and effective lawyer. He is Harvard-educated, won numerous cases he argued before the U.S. Supreme Court when he was Solicitor General for the State of Texas. And yet when he was asked a very simple question yesterday by NBC reporter Hallie Jackson, he couldn’t provide a simple yes or no answer.

Jackson wondered if, in light of the personal tone Donald Trump has taken regarding Cruz’s wife Heidi, could he ever support Trump if he happens to be the GOP nominee for 2016? Here’s how the exchange went, with Jackson first asking and getting no reply. She then reminded Cruz:

“That’s not answering the question, Senator.”

Cruz instead tried to change the parameters of the question:

“I am answering the question. Donald Trump will not be the nominee.”

Jackson did not relent, telling Cruz:

“He’s leading right now and you just looked into that camera and said he was a coward. Will you support him as the nominee?”

Once more, the Texas Senator reiterated:

“Donald Trump will not be the nominee.”

What makes this entire exchange so incredibly ironic is that while Cruz wants to be seen as a good Republican who will not cause dissent in the ranks of the GOP, his reluctance to go on record as wanting nothing to do with Donald Trump makes him look weak and gives ammunition to Trump. He should just come right out and say that if Trump is the nominee, he will stay home on Election Day or write in another name, even his own.

Cruz thinks he’s being loyal to the GOP, but all he’s doing is giving legitimacy to a maniac who has taken the party hostage. I guess you could say Cruz has GOP Stockholm Syndrome. And it could well have catastrophic consequences for his career and the Republican Party.

Here’s Jackson’s exchange with Teddy Boy:

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