WATCH The Fox & Friends Gang Blame Trump’s North Korea Nuke Showdown On…Obama!

Perhaps you were under the impression that the increased tension between the United States and North Korea could be blamed largely on President Trump and his hyperbolic statement on Tuesday that the North Koreans would be “met with fire and fury” if they issued any further threats. But, thanks to Fox News, we now know it’s all President Obama’s fault.

During a segment on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning, the three ditzy co-hosts were talking with former CIA analyst Frederick Fleitz, who began his comments by placing a great big smooch on Trump’s oversized posterior:

“I think that the president recognizes that a weak United States is extremely destabilizing.”

Then Fleitz tried to throw cold water on a Washington Post report which said North Korea has now miniaturized a nuclear weapon which can be placed on a long-range missile:

“We haven’t heard the White House complain that this was a leak because it wasn’t a leak. It was an authorized disclosure to advance the president’s policy — a legitimate use of intelligence.”

Yes, Trump can do whatever he wants–even collude with Russia–and the mindless zombies at Fox will defend him to the hilt.

Fleitz was far from finished, saving his most absurd comments for last, when he tried to blame the escalation between the U.S. and North Korea on President Obama:

“Let me tell you something else you may not know. This actually isn’t news. [The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)] has believed this since 2013. But the Obama administration tried to hide this information because it did not want to take action. It didn’t want anything on the table would prevent it from kicking it to the next president.”

And there you have it: The old GOP and Fox fallback position: When in doubt, blame Obama.

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