WATCH: This Ad Should Pretty Much Destroy Trump’s Chances With Female Voters

A man who taught me much of what I know about political consulting and campaign advertising once gave me some advice that I consider to be the gold standard of the trade:

“If you want to destroy another candidate, just use their own words against them.”

That’s exactly what the conservative Our Principles PAC has done with their latest anti-Trump ad, in which they quote the current GOP front-runner saying the following :

  • Calling calling women “bimbos,” “dogs,” and “fat pigs.”
  • Trump remarking that, “A person who is flat chested is very hard to be a ten.”
  • The Donald saying of Carly Fiorina, “Look at that face, would anyone vote for that?”
  • Trump on Princess Diana: “She had the height. She had the beauty. But she was crazy.”
  • Trump holding forth on the media and how they portray him: “You know it really doesn’t matter what they write, as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass.”

Do those sound like the kinds of things that a male candidate would want to say if he planned to get a vote from a woman? Can you imagine a variation on that ad being run against Trump if he becomes the GOP nominee and is locked in a battle with either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders?

The sound you now hear is one of tens of millions of women across the United States as they mentally cast their ballot for anyone but Trump.

Here’s the Ad:


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